11/01/06 • Safin interview nears release

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Interest is once again peaking for one of the most intriguing characters in professional tennis, Marat Safin. While the support of his many devoted fans never seems to waiver, his resurgence into the top levels of the game has heightened the curiosity of more casual observers

“We have some great stuff on tape from an in-depth interview Niclas and I did,” says Tom Suhler about a discussion he and Niclas Kroon taped with Safin for SideSpin Productions. “Here is a guy who has beaten two of the best players in the history of the game and in the interim lost to players you’ve never heard of.”

Suhler was referring to Safin’s wins over Pete Sampras at the U.S. Open in 2000, Roger Federer in the Australian Open in 2005, and his ranking which fell from #1 in the world to #86 by 2004. His ranking fell again from #3 in September 2005 to #104 in August 2006 due in part to a knee injury in 2005. Since then Safin has been fighting back and ended 2006 at #26 after a strong year-end showing. During his last four tournaments he reached the quarterfinals twice and the finals once. He also defeated 6th ranked Andy Roddick during Davis Cup competition in September.

“We going to give people a look at the guy we got know,” continues Suhler. “Safin has a great sense of humor and he has one of the most exciting games in the sport. He is also totally unpredictable on the court, which makes him someone you just have to watch.”

The show, which is due for release in early 2007, contains not just the relaxed sit-down interview, but also snippets from post-match interviews, on-court hitting sessions, fan interaction and comments from former coach Peter Lundgren. We will be posting distribution information as the DVD becomes available on this site and in future press releases.

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